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Joint pain is not restrictive to age or how much exercise we get. Some even know what it’s like when their lives are totally affected by severe inflammation. However, you can do something to speed up the recovery process if you find yourself in discomforting joint pain and inflammation.

And all you have to do is eat! Doesn’t sound too painful – does it?

Joints are the points (of either cartilage, synovial fluid, or both) at which two or more bones come together. The classification system is complex and technical, but we wouldn’t be bodies of movement if we were only made up of bones and more bones. Ligaments connect bone to bone and stabilize the joints. We have about 230 joints helping us walk, talk, drink our morning coffee and read a book before bed.

The most commonly-cited problem or difficulty with joints is inflammation, which is part of the body’s defense-mechanism as it tries to remove harmful stimuli (damaged cells or irritants). When a joint is inflamed it constrains mobility and causes pain lasting anywhere between days and months, sometimes longer and developing into a chronic condition.

Your metabolism plays an important role in determining whether or not you develop joint inflammation that occurs over time and how quickly it recovers from a sudden injury. That is why scientists were able to link eating certain foods and the body’s ability to fight joint inflammation.

We are talking about foods rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, proteins, healthy fats or complex carbs – you don’t see any processed foods, artificial ingredients, saturated fats or trans fats on this list! Processed and refined foods have actually been shown to decrease the body’s ability to fight inflammation.

  • Alaskan Salmon (wild is best)
  • Fresh Whole Fruits
  • Bright, Multi-colored Vgetables
  • Green Tea
  • Olive Oil
  • Lean Poultry
  • Nuts
  • Dark green, Leafy Vegetables
  • Grass-fed Beef or Bison
  • Spices (especially Turmeric and Ginger)
  • Organ Meats

These foods are meant to help the body build muscle and maintain a healthy weight. Strong muscles help keep joints stable and a healthy weight reduces pressure on joints, minimizing – even preventing – joint inflammation.

Although a diet rich in these anti-inflammatory foods may not eradicate inflammation in the joints, it will increase your body’s chance to heal properly. For more information on Joint Pain: You can learn more about this in Component 2 of Fix My Knee Pain Here

It is important to eat right and stay fit, but there is more to staying healthy. If you are interesting in more attend one of our Dinner Presentation; during a Free Meal you will understand what it takes and what it means to live healthy.

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