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Now is the time for cooler weather, yellow and red leaves, and for pumpkin-flavored drinks! It is also the time to be aware of cold and flu symptoms. You must protect your immune system so that you stay healthy and get the chance to enjoy sweater season. Here are six “tricks” to boost your immune system and fight off bugs and viruses:

  1. Get a restful night’s sleep every night
  2. Choose a healthy diet with plenty of organic fruits and veggies
  3. Exercise regularly stimulating the immune system – shouldn’t be too hard with the weather on your side!
  4. Avoid sugars which depresses the immune system
  5. Do your best to reduce stress levels
  6. Take supplements like vitamin C, D, and probiotics everyday

While some stress is natural, it is important to avoid excessive stress levels because it can have negative effects on your immune system. Stress, as explained in our Adverse Effects of Stress blog, can affect the ability of your body to fight off infections and throw your hormones out of balance – which is described in more detail in our Ladies and Gentlemen hormone health blogs.

Remember: your immune system is the body’s defense system, keep it strong and the rest of your body will follow.

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