Information is provided by The Gluten Free Society and originally written by Dr. Peter Osborne to learn more about the harmful effects of gluten sensitivity click HERE.

We don’t stop to think how corn oil can be bad for us as we cook our dinner or fix our salads. The truth is that corn oil, derived from the germ of corn, can serious attack the microscopic lining of your small intestine. The affects are multiplied for those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.

Shopping gluten-free may not help since most packaged products contain corn. Many restaurants use corn oil when cooking; a mixture of corn oil and modified soy oil which is commonly known as vegetable oil – ironically, considering neither ingredient is actually a vegetable.

The omega 6 fatty acid in corn oil causes inflammation and the lining in the small intestine becomes worn and flat as the body reacts to it. This deterioration of the lining is called villous atrophy.  Other impacts to your health from corn oil include cellular damage, mercury exposure, and altered gut bacteria. Celiac disease in the small intestine due to a hypersensitivity to gluten, damage from this disease also leads to difficulty digesting foods and can affect your whole body if not treated.

Stop using corn oil. From there schedule a Wellness Consultation with us today to discuss the next steps you should take to living a healthier lifestyle. We will work with you to change your diet, better your nutritional intake, and talk about proper exercise to achieve all of your health goals.

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