I of course still do chiropractic treatment but always wanted to help my patients achieve more than just pain relief. I wanted to help support other health issues that arise from lifestyle related choices. Fast foods, sodas, alcohol, processed foods and artificial sweeteners to name a few, cause our bodies to become toxic.

Our bodies have a built-in mechanism for detoxification. This process involves dislodging the toxins from their binding sites in the body, supporting the organs of detoxification to break down the toxins, and clearing and filtering the waste products left over from the detoxification process.

The reality is that we can’t avoid getting toxins into our system. Since there are hundreds of toxins that we are exposed to every day, our detox mechanisms can get overwhelmed as the toxins accumulate and get stored in our tissues. It is this accumulation of toxins that causes low vitality and troublesome symptoms. At the same time, our detox mechanisms get very sluggish. This is why it is so important for us to undertake a specialized detoxification program to strengthen our ability to clear these toxins. By doing so, we take the stress off of our energy system, which uses up quite a bit of our energy clearing the toxins. One of the comments from those who have undertaken the Detox 360°™ program is how much more energy they have by the end of the program.

Eighty percent of detoxification is done by the liver. The liver breaks down the toxins into water-soluble substances, and then these substances are attached to nutrients or amino acids so that they can be eliminated primarily through the bowels. Toxins are also eliminated through urine, perspiration, and through the skin.  Drinking water every day and hydrating the body is crucial for supporting detoxification.  Eating healthy foods provides the nutrients needed for successful toxin breakdown and elimination.

During your program, you will be eating a diet of wholesome, fresh foods that will help to alkalize and nourish your body. You will be taking some scientifically designed nutritional supplements that support and strengthen the organs of detoxification. You will be taking homeopathic formulas that will help the body to release deep-seated toxins. You will engage in physical activity that will help move the lymph system and support your long-term health. You will learn some self-care practices that you can easily incorporate into your life.

The Detox 360°™ program has everything necessary to help you be successful! You will receive recipes, meal plans, targeted nutritional support, specialized homeopathic formulas, directions for lifestyle practices that support detoxification, and education on what it takes to maintain a detox lifestyle.

You will be taking a specially designed powdered detoxification formula, ClearVite-PSF®, that you can make into a delicious smoothie. You can use some taste-tested recipes or you can be creative and create your own.

These supplements, Nourish Greens™ (K67), Metacrin-DX™ (K10), and OmegaCo3™ (K07) or Super EFA Complex™ (K08), are scientifically designed to support detoxification and to improve the benefits of the cleanse. I find that those who take the recommended nutritional support have better results and feel better throughout the detoxification program.

You will be taking some homeopathic formulas such as, LVR-DRN™ (D03), KDNY-DRN™ (D05), and LMPH-DRN™ (D07). That lift toxins from deep within the extracellular matrix and the fluid which surrounds every cell.

  • Eat a healthy, cleansing diet for four weeks (menus and meal plans are included).
  • Experience what it is like to live a detox lifestyle.
  • Receive education on nutrition, health, and how to maintain your new lifestyle.
  • Learn a system of keeping track of changes and taking charge of your health in new ways.

Tips for Success

Plan your meals ahead of time.
Clear the “enemy” foods from your house.

Purchase vegetables, fruits, and meats ahead of time.  Vegetables and fruits will only last for three days or so.  You can freeze the meat.
Keep emergency food with you at all times.
Totally commit yourself to your program.
Keep track of your diet and lifestyle changes.
Build in rewards to keep yourself motivated.

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