Information is provided by The Gluten Free Society and originally written by Dr. Peter Osborne to learn more about the harmful effects of gluten sensitivity click HERE.

Did you know that cholesterol is actually beneficial to our bodies? We have all heard how important it is to lower our cholesterol, but lower it from what? Why does it need to be lowered, and when do you know when you should lower it?

Here are a few benefits of cholesterol you may not have been aware of:

  • It carries vitamins through the blood stream and into your tissues
  • It allows the brain to form nerve synapses, without it can lead to brain degradation, memory loss, and more
  • It produces sex steroid hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone
  • It helps fight infections such as viral and bacterial
  • It forms the nutrient CoQ10 which is necessary for the production of energy

Is taking the medication worth the risks involved? Statin drugs are drugs that lower cholesterol levels among other things but also involve side effects such as muscle loss and pain, nutritional deficiencies, and cause liver damage.  Actually, lowering cholesterol has not worked to reduce deaths from heart disease!

According a study found by The Gluten-Free Society, statin drugs actually lead to a decrease in heart muscle function! Another study reported these drugs can increase the risk for stroke.

Let’s continue a little more in depth with the side effects mentioned before. Vitamin deficiency can cause all kinds of serious problems with the body: heart disease, high blood pressure, muscle atrophy, autoimmune disease, and cancer.  CoQ10 deficiency causes high blood pressure, muscle loos, congestive heart failure, and dementia. Hormone deficiencies can lead to hair loss, low libido, accelerated aging, and much more. You could be putting yourself at risk to very severe conditions by taking lowering cholesterol medication.

It is wise to have concern for your cholesterol levels, but if you are concern about what your medication could lead to consider scheduling a Wellness Consultation with us today.

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