On average, one out of every 250 women suffer with hypothyroidism. Most of these women find that the standard thyroid hormone replacement treatment does little to improve their state. The thyroid helps regulate many functions of the body  metabolism, growth and development, body temperature,  mood regulation and hormone balance.

The thyroid secretes several hormones, collectively called thyroid hormones. The main hormone is thyroine, also known as T4. If the thyroid is not functioning properly, it cannot perform is job of creating hormones and keeping your body running properly. A few symptoms of thyroid conditions include:

  • Feeling tired or sluggish
  • Inability lose weight even with exercise
  • Feel cold in hands, feet, or all over
  • Weight gain
  • Needing excessive amounts of sleep
  • Insomnia
  • Night sweats
  • Difficult, infrequent bowel movements
  • Feeling depressed and unmotivated
  • Morning headaches
  • Mental sluggishness
  • Brain fog
  • Outer third of the eyebrow thins
  • Thinning  hair
  • Dryness of skin and/or scalp
  • Feeling nervous and emotional
  • Heart palpitations
  • Inward trembling
  • Increased pulse even at rest

If you are suffering from a few or several of these symptoms, you may be suffering from a thyroid problem. Thyroid problems are not something to  ignore and hope they will go away. If left untreated, your thyroid symptoms may continue to get worse and create other medical conditions.

To learn more about the importance of hormone balance, read about our Pillar of Hormone Health.

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If you would like to speak to Dr. Jones about your thyroid symptoms, please schedule a Wellness Consultation. Dr. Jones will review every aspect if your lifestyle to see how he can help you get your thyroid as healthy as possible.


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